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About the App

This is a timer app on the Android market, you can use it as kitchen timer and countdown for other things. Run as many timers as you want in parallel, and save your timers in categories. Link to Timer & Countdown on Android market

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April 5 2011

Version 1.1.1 released
  • Fixed bug with flickering timers when another running timer is deleted from the list

March 9 2011

Version 1.1.0 released
  • You can now run a timer several repeated (first switch off the repeated alarm), just long-press a timer and choose the option
  • You can run all timers from a category after each other (long-press the category)
  • Spanish translation

February 27 2011

Version 1.0.2 released
  • Alarm is repeated until it is stopped manually (this can be configured in the settings though)
  • Icons reworked
  • Bug fix

December 16 2010

Version 1.0.1 released
  • Some bugfixes, categories can now be deleted.
  • Also you can publish individual timers via twitter (#androidtimer), so we can include them in the next version. Just long-press on a timer in the list and choose send.

November 16 2010

Version 1.0.0 released

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